Lost focus of entries should be native to hide keyboard

When an input is hidden or a screen is closed, the keyboard is still open and you must close it manually.

It could be the system default to close the keyboard when the field that called it loses focus or is hidden.

By default, a Text Input comes with the following Trigger / Action that closes the keyboard as soon as you hit the enter key.

Hiding a text input, or just moving it outside of the screen doesn’t mean it loses focus, and in this case it’s up to you call the “Exit editing mode” action.

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@Seb, just Enter does not solve the problem.
The most common navigation for a touch screen user is to tap the next field to navigate, and this is not mapped. It could be native.
In the case of a form, when it clicks the “Confirm” button for example, again the system should close the keyboard natively.

The best example of this is the Windows Tablet Mode keyboard “tabtip.exe”
It comes and goes intelligently when a field receives or loses focus.

It is in this sense that I refer.
The system should function natively like this, so you don’t have to manually control everything for events in the experiment.
When experience are big, it becomes a big problem.

It should, in your opinion and use case, but in some cases it shouldn’t, and this why we give the flexibility to Intuiface users to control that manually, rather than deciding instead of them.

Again, in your case you just need to add that “Exit editing mode” action on the button “is released” trigger, that’s it.

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Descuple @Seb, but not one “only”
I have to control this in everything in my experience because my user is free to interact with the screen elements.
When I present a video after some user idle time for example, again I have to exit edit mode for all input fields of the experiment. Just to name a difficulty.
I do not want them to meet my specific need.
I am saying that by default, or from an optional setting, this could be native.
I am trying to improve the product.