Loop video with cross dissolve

while looping video it gives visual jerk which is quite obvious & annoying
is there way to loop video with cross dissolve between In-Out.
or any possible way to loop video in ping-pong play.

Hi Evan,

Are you trying top use a video as a cycling background for instance?



yes i want same video in loop but cross dissolve between end and start of the video (start & end frames are different from each other so it give visual jerk to avoid this i want to use cross dissolve )

my solution for that would be:
once the video shown
once the video hidden

Add a Trigger at video 1:
When Video Ends

  • hide Video 1
  • show Video 2
  • play Video 2

Add a Trigger at video 2:
When Video Ends

  • hide Video 2
  • show Video 1
  • play Video 1

That’s the most simple solution for me

Untested way:
Add Trigger, when video reaches time, 1sec before end, then start showing&playing the other video and hidding the current video

I hope that was understandable :slight_smile:

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thank you @sandro.kollreider it worked :slight_smile: