Looking for a way to have a scene load data from a specific row in excel (xls)

I have a presentation that is loading data from an excel sheet

First it populates an asset grid with thumbnails, when a thumbnail is clicked it goes to a scene which is named in the same row as that thumbnail in the xls. This is all working fine…

The scene that it goes to is going to be a ‘more info’ screen with additional data pulled from the same row as the original thumbnail. I have an ‘info’ scene set up with the bindings to the xls am trying to figure out how to have it load the data from the correct row without having to re-create the data bindings for each new scene.

Thanks in advance for any ideas :slight_smile:

Hello Richard,

You may want to have a look at this dedicated Webinar that does exactly what you need. If you’re familiar with general Excel Asset concept, you can even jump to 11:15 - YouTube

There is also a useful Sample in the Marketplace here: Steel Frames Collection that will help you to achieve that.



Hi @web1 Richard,

To complete Alex’s answer, you could add a filter on your Excel IA to keep only 1 row in your feed: the one you selected. Use a unique ID to apply that filter.
Then, in your “More info” scene (you need only 1 scene for that!), bind all your elements on the Row #1 columns. This row #1 will contain the result of your filter.

Please tell us how it goes after you try that solution.