Looking for a Freelance Designer for Project with Short Turn Around


I have an event on 2/28 and am looking to have someone create one, maybe two applications going on a touch screen. I have no idea if everything I want to do is possible, so I am flexible. The overall goal: we are showcasing ways to use touch screens at events.

Design One - Guests can select one of four non-profits to donate $20 gift cards to. The first screen will explain our “make an impact” campaign. Then there will be a page with 4 pictures representing the four non-profits. Guests can choose one of the 4 to learn more about the organization. On each organization page, the guest can choose that organization or look at a different organization. If they choose the organization, they then go to a screen to send an optional message to the non-profit and optionally enter their name or select Anonymous. Ideally, the totals would calculate throughout the event and show on the main page. If this part is not possible with Intuiface or overly complicated it is not required. The design should have a very polished, corporate look (not cartoony or animated)

Design Two - I am totally open to ideas for the second design. Once again, our goal is to show our clients how they can use touch screens at their events. I like the idea of a prize wheel but do not like the look of the sample one within Intuiface. I would want something more polished. I also really like the refrigerator with the word magnets, but would be interested in it not being a refrigerator.

If you are interested, please message me with estimated cost or general price structure.


Emailed you


Hi Jenna,

I’am available to help you.
You can send me an email : info33.intuitive@gmail.com

Benjamin MINET