Locking Down Experiences



Hello Everyone,

I has come to my attention that Intuiface is a growing platform and that people are creating bigger and better experiences everyday.

I have been thinking and my thought is similar to the marketplace you can download an experience before you buy the project. Once downloaded it will not let you edit the project.

It makes the project start straight into the player without showing you the “backend” of the project to other users who can quiet simply download Intuiface and open the project.

This would be a good feature to have. So you can lock the project to a specific composer or email and if say the end user wants to edit the project they must pay an unlocking fee for them to be able to edit the project. This also provided security for custom IA which experts might create and would like to keep those type of things hidden from the community.

  • Yes i will stand with you!
  • No i think this isn’t a good idea

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I have been thinking about a similar problem. How about a free version of the Player only, that has a similar time-out on the experience to the latest version of the free Composer? (I think this is currently 5 minutes the last time I tried it). That gives a good way for a client to preview and test a project, without the producer who has invested the effort giving away all of their work.

I would be interested in how others have handled this problem.


Or have a ‘switch’ which allows the experience to run in ‘play only’ mode if the system has the composer license
possibly by a command line switch?


This would be cool indeed - but for clarification, what would be different from pasting the Share URL from master console? That way someone can play the XP in watermark with a time limit as @m.j.gardner mentioned, and no access to the composer file?