Local Network Trigger not working

I’ve been able to get Web Triggers working, but am having trouble with Local Network Triggers. I run my experience within Composer and then I try to use a browser to navigate to example URLs from the docs like, but my browser just tells me it can’t establish a connection.

Am I missing some setup step or something?

Hello @joshburnett and welcome to the Intuiface Community.

The example URL (,) will not work on your network as the IP address of your PC running Player is most likely not This is just an example of what the command address would look like.

You will need to use the IP address of the PC running Player, and make sure Player is running as well before sending the command.

If you have changed the IP address and are still having issue I suggest your reach out to us on our Support Channel and we can better help you there, as we will ask you to share your experience with xp-for-support@intuiface.com.


Hi @rdriscoll, thanks for the response! is the local loopback interface, and is meant to be a way to refer to the local machine without needing to know the external IP address. In the docs for the local network trigger, the example URL was meant to be used when everything is happening on the same device.

In case anyone else comes across this later with the same problem, the solution from @rdriscoll in the Support Channel was to run the Intuiface Configuration Tool on my PC. This configures things on the PC so that the player can be discovered on the network and sets up player to accept incoming network requests on the proper port. It’s an easy tool to use and solved my problem.

Thanks for your help, @rdriscoll!


Thx @joshburnett for posting the result of your support ticket here.

Just a side note, this is one of the (many) advantages of using the Web Triggers over the Local Network Triggers when an internet connection is available: they will not require any firewall / network rules modifications since they use the standard HTTPS ports, as opposed to the Local Network Triggers that use this port 8000 which need to be explicitly open.

The latency is usually undetectable and you have many more options to target a specific player / XP that do not require to know the IP Address of your target, or even require a static IP Address.