Loading url images from xls file / multiple images per xls column

I am working on a presentation that is loading content from an xls file.

I have a couple of issues / questions…The data is from a website export, and contains a field called ‘gallery’ which contains multiple image urls, as well as single image urls.

What I am trying to create:

  1. an asset grid that will have a thumbnail with an image (from the url in the xls file), title etc. Getting the title and text elements is no problem, its the images that have a url source that I am having difficulty with.
  2. when you click / tap one of the thumbnails it will open up a panel with more information (additional columns from the same row as the thumbnail in the asset grid).
  3. in this pop up panel I want to have another asset grid which brings in the ‘gallery’ column from the xls. the gallery field contains multiple image urls that i would like to populate this asset grid in the popup.

example of the columns:

Title: This is the title
Description: Description text
Image: http://url.com/image.jpg
Gallery: http://url.com/gallery-image1.jpg|http://url.com/gallery-image2.jpg|http://url.com/gallery-image3.jpg|etc

I am unclear on how to get the gallery images associated with a row in the xls to populate.

Thanks in advance

Hi @web1,

Correct me if I am wrong, but you also opened a ticket in support with your question. Our support team has already replied you with some suggestions that hopefully will help you to achieve the desired behavior.

Kind regards,

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Hi @web1 Richard,

I think you’ll find your answer in this article: Associate multiple and variable number of photos to individual items using Excel
Please have a look at it and tell us if that helps you.