Loading Spinner during transition



Hello all,

Recently after adding a lot of data to load on different scenes we have been experiencing a load time of 3-5 seconds during transitions. In that time it feels like the screen has frozen or nothing happens at all. Is there a way to add/play a loading spinner of sorts.

Would be a cool addition!


You can add a customize loading spinner in the form of a an animated gif image or even a video, but I doubt it would make a difference, as it would just add to the load of the load time. I found that not using screen transitions with heavily loaded scenes, improved the performance a bit.


Hi Rick,

I’d recommend you to start a discussion with our support team and share your project with them. They’ll have a look at your experience and see if there’s room to optimize your project and reduce this loading time.

Generally speaking, you can hide your content in a scene, using groups to simplify the action. When the scene is loaded, the loading spinner would be displayed, then you call a show action on the group that contains all your content.