Load an experience layer on commend from Remote Pad

Is it possible to load up an experience layer for example a mini game hidden on an interface remotely as and when i need to ?

so people are using kiosk and i want to send a mini game to pop up remotely and it pops up for them to play


Yes this is possible with a remote trigger, you can either create a seprate experience to talk to the main experience or use Intuipad to have an onscreen button or combination to enable the game.

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Hi Robert,

It’s totally doable using Web Triggers if both your devices have internet connection.

Actually, we implemented this on our booth at ISE 2019 and from a remote Tablet we were able to pop up our little Company Mascot on every other screen of the booth to display a message typed on the tablet.

Looked like that :wink:

(seen from the tablet experience)

(seen from one of the target screen)

Thanks Louie. I will have this example done in the next couple days for you.

I definately need you for this project.

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Wow this is exactly what i was looking for thank you. Do you have a simple example or shall i use the web triggers tutorial to.try work.out.

Unfortunately, these captures are from fairly complex and large experiences and it may not be helpful for me to share them (and also, some have Intuiface copyrighted content).

But I can show you the few triggers that do the trick and with our Web Trigger Sample it should be enough.

On the Tablet, we have this to send a “ShowMascot” message:

On the target Experience we use this to listen and trigger when “ShowMascot” is received:

Parameter 1 is used to convey the bubble message.

Thank you so much