Load an experience from another

Hello. If I have an experience running in the player, I could via a button, for example, load another experience?
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Yes of course, but this would have to close the experience open or have it run over the top.

Does that answer your question?

Hi Juan @noventagrados,

I think you got a direct answer on the ticket you opened with our support team.
For those you read this thread, a solution is indeed to use our Launch Application action to open a new experience, and use the Exit action to close the current one. This is available on Windows only and on other platforms, you could use instead the Share & Deploy API to send a “Play Experience” command to your Player.

Now the question is: do you really want to switch between multiple experiences, or should you think about merging them into a bigger one? :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your reply.
The problem is that there would be several information points. Each one plays the experience of their municipality. But you need to be able to access the experiences of others. I understand that I can do everything in a single experience and modify it for each of the teams so that it starts with the municipality’s own content. I’m afraid it’s too big.
Excuse my English

Thank you very much

Hi @noventagrados,

If it’s “the same experience” but different content based on the municipality, you might want to look into our Headless CMS then.
Using “municipality” as a variant and having a variation for each of your municipalities would make it much easier to create, update and maintain your experience, as well as switch live between 1 and another municipality, like we show how to switch content language.
I suggest you have a look at our H-CMS Academy course here and let us know what you think.

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