[Live Webinar] Critical considerations when transitioning from traditional to interactive digital signage


Traditional, non-interactive signage has dominated the signage market – not because it’s better than interactive signage but because the cost for interactivity was prohibitive and the skills were few and far between. These days, with costs and complexity far more manageable – and new software solutions making interactivity much more accessible – organizations can embrace interactive approaches to achieve never-before-seen levels of engagement coupled with a collection of rich data sets that shine a light on the preferences and influences of a target audience.

This webinar provides a master checklist for those who wish to convert at least some of their traditional signage content into interactive experiences .

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In this webinar we’ll look at:

  • Types of communication best suited for interactivity
  • The influence of physical locations and demographics
  • Variety of interactive options available beyond touch
  • Importance of personalization through live data connection
  • Optimal design approaches to maximize engagement
  • Critical KPIs for building insight about project success
  • Restrictions imposed by security and privacy concerns

Our opinions are culled from 8+ years of enabling thousands of customers to create and deliver interactive content using their in-house skills.

Click here to register. It is free at attend!