Linking Linear Gauge To Twitter Voting



Is there any way to link Linear Gauge To Twitter Voting results, like linking One Gauge to Yes and the other to NO and get live update from Twitter Voting Tweet ?


Any help ?


Hi @ziadml,

The currently available Twitter Interface Asset doesn’t expose any “voting” information about a tweet.
Could you precise what “yes” and “no” objects are you talking about?



Hi @Seb

Yes and No for any question, we have a voting on twitter every week for a different question, and we need this voting post to be linked to Linear Gauge in composer. Is it clear now or i need to explain more ? :grin:



I’m sorry Ziad, but no, it’s not clear :slight_smile:

Where are you storing the yes & no answers?

For a deeper analysis, I recommend you to start a discussion with the support so you can share your experience with our team.