Linking/joining experiences


Hello. I have a project which consists of 3 different brands each containing approx 20-30 scenes. In an effort to keep the scene count down in a single experience is it possible to link different experiences so that I don’t end up with a document with too many scenes/pages?

hope this makes sense?



Hello Martin,

Can you give more details about your needs please ?

Do you need to have all 3 Experience switch seamlessly from one to another, or have a 4rth Experience used as “hub” to start one of the 3 Experiences ?

Will they all be on the same Player or running in 3 different players ?




Hello Alex. Thanks for getting back. I would like 3 different people working on an experience each. Then have a main menu system which can navigate to each of these 3 experiences and be able to nav back to the main menu again. This way I avoid one experience getting to bulky (100+ scenes) and I can have more than one person working on the same project at the same time. I hope this makes sense?



heya Martin,

Thanks for details, a way to do it would be to use Launch Application action and specify the .ifx file of the wanted experience then use the Exit action with a timer delay to exit the current experience.


  • this is working only on windows platforms
  • there will be a moment onscreen where you will see a Player close (the one with your starting first experience) then re-open (with your target second experience)