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Hi, I’m a university student trying to use IntuiFace to accomplish an assignment that require me to compile a package for information kiosk on tourism. I’m trying to make it user personalized so I’m trying to make a settings with options to keep user’s configuration across the experience. The problem is, the value a user set, lets say, the transition from scene to scene i make it adjustable between 0.3sec to 1 sec using gauge and displaying the value of the gauge using a simple text and the font format set to corresponding to the description text and i bind all the transition time to that value. The value i had to use the trigger to pass it to next scene and repeat it on every single scene that i create. passing the value as in i set a text box outside of the focus of the scene and save the value as a properties of the text box. and this keeps repeat until a trigger to call back to the home scene then i will pass the value back to the gauge, or else the value will be reset after transitioned to another scene.

*So my suggestion is that can we have a Experience’s Global Area that is accessible from all the scene so that we don’t need to pass the value all around to keep it? And if possible, can we make the music to be playable across scene too? that would be useful in information kiosk because music gets restarted from scene to scene sounds awful, doesn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @xinglkh,
It was a little hard to follow your description, but I think I get the general idea of what you’re asking. So there’s good news - in the new version 6.0 that will be released in the next month or so, it appears you’ll be able to have elements of a scene carry over. Check out the full post and some sample videos here: Highlights of soon-to-be-released IntuiFace version 6.0 - Announcements - Intuiface Community

For now, you may also be able to use the Global Variable interface asset. For now, this will help carry values between the whole XP. Also, keep in mind that if you look at the scene’s properties, you can tell whether all elements reset or not. Just a few tips, but I think the new release will be a big help. Good luck!


Possible with Experience Layer. (Version 6.0)

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