License Management Improvements

I think it’s time to make a list of things we’d like to see in Master Console. Starting with license management.

License management is just pain, to put it literally. Here’s why:

  • You cannot search or filter the license list. I have to use Ctrl+F to use the browser text-find feature, which is bothersome.
  • Sorting by any field does NOT work properly.
  • Any time you release a license, the screen refreshes and you have to find where you left off.
  • There is no button that shows ‘available’ licenses.
  • You cannot multi-select licenses to either share them, or release them

It is inherently dangerous to make a mistake in this list, that’s why these are important. If you accidentally click the wrong button, you can disable a display. It’s too easy to screw something up and too time consuming to use.

What does everyone think? Is it time for an update for license management?

  • YES, it’s time to update License Management in master console
  • Nope don’t need it
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Hello @AlexB,

Thank you for sharing those usability issues.

We genuinely appreciate that feedback. It’s very valuable to help us prioritize and address the pain points effectively when we’ll work on the subject.

To share some inside information: right now, our team is fully focused on improving user management in, including multi-users, better rights management…

However, we haven’t forgotten about the problems you’ve outlined with the license dashboard.
It’s definitely on our roadmap.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your thoughts and your patience.


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How do I cast more votes than one? :wink: