Let's Meet At DSE 2016

IntuiLab will have a sizable presence at the Digital Signage Expo, March 16 and 17, in the Las Vegas Convention Center.

  1. We’re being featured in LGE’s booth, Booth 1210. There you can see IntuiFace running on their webOS-based signage platform.
    2. @geoff will be presenting IntuiFace on Chrome OS in the Google Theater, Booth 2131. The talk is at 4:30 pm on Wednesday, March 16.
    3. IntuiFace-based experiences will be sprinkled across other booths throughout the show. Can you find them?

@geoff will be joined at the show by one of our Support superstars, @Mihai .

On top of that we’ll be prepared to show off two new IntuiFace enhancements currently still in the oven:

  • Accessibility: Text to speech, keyboard-driven navigation and improved on-screen gesture support.
  • Beacons: URL broadcast via Eddystone, proximity detection and app notification.

Hoping to make it to Vegas for this!

Any interest form other IntuiLab users to do a mini meetup during DSE?

I’ll be at DSE, so happy to meet up somewhere there.

I’ll be there but, unfortunately, Mihai will not due to new DSE policies preventing non-exhibitors from manning 3rd party booths. C’est un dommage. IntuiFace will still be in the LG booth, it’ll just be manned by LG themselves.

I’ve already suggested to Art a 1:1 at the LG booth around 2pm on the 16th. Might be hard to pick a day/time that works for everyone so how about just picking this one? After gathering we can peel off to a place where we can talk.

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IntuiFace in @LGUS’s booth at the DSE 2016

Awesome job by BluePonyDigital for Sharp. Made with IntuiFace!