Leap Motion


Hello, Actually we try to make a development with leap motion, but we see that intuiface has been dicontinued this asset for the composer…

We find that exist an unofficial version of leap motion asset on Github, we downloaded the folder and follow the indications, we move the leap folder to intuiface assets, and all seems to be good, now the asset of leap motion is shows again in the assets of composer, but when we run our development a message appears on the screen "Error reading Interface Asset Finger count postures, Fail to initialize external asset ‘PostureFingerCountFacade’

Please help us to fix this error.



Hi Rodrigo,

Unfortunately our team will not fix this error as we have decided to discontinue support of this Interface Asset. Leap Motion’s software updates may break the controller’s compatibility with IntuiFace. If we fix the issue now, we have no guarantee it will work in the future.

We have sourced the code on GitHub for any enthusiast coder that might find it useful.