Leap Motion and Intuiface


I know support has finished for Leap Motion but I have a quick question.

I’ve moved the Leap Motion assets to the correct file structure etc have installed the Leap Motion software (without Composer running).

When I come to add an interface asset, I can see all of the gestures but it says In order to use these interfaces you need to install the specified software which states “Requires the installation of Leap Motion Software”

I’ve reinstalled this, rebooted etc but I’m still getting this message.

Has anyone else had this and was able to get round it?



Hi Tom @scruffyHipster,

I haven’t used Leap Motion in years but I would assume that their software has changed and isn’t recognized anymore by the old-not-supported-anymore Interface Asset.
The only solution would be to go in the open-source code we provided and fix this / adapt it to the latest versions of Leap Motion.