Launch video in full screen when touched

I would like to know how i can set a video wich belong to a group. I would like that it plays in full screen when touched. I unfortunately don’t find how to do.
Thanks in advance for your attention.
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well, i found… :smile:

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Good to hear you figured it out :smile:

Hi there - I’m trying to do the same thing - using a video in an asset grid, and having it play full screen when opened. Tried setting resize ratio, but it doesn’t go fullscreen - any advice? THanks!

Hi @ak2449

Your usage is a bit different from the one described above, so here is how I would handle it:

  • have a hidden, fullscreen video asset, empty at the beginning.
  • have the videos in the asset grid, with the “tap to open” property unchecked
  • add triggers on these videos :
    • when the video is tapped
    • then change the video of your fullscreen video asset to the one that has been clicked and play the video

Would that fit your need?


Thanks Seb! I ended up making a new scene and putting in an autoplay video there - which worked great.

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