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I’m trying to launch a specific powerpoint presentation. I’ve followed the steps, explained here:

But when I run the experience, nothing happens?
Please see below for my input:

APPLICATION = C:\Users\Nicholas\Desktop\POWERPNT.EXE
PARAMETERS = “C:\Users\Nicholas\Desktop\MyPresentation2018.pptx”

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You should only need the .pptx file path in the application box. It works for Adobe Acrobat Reader, so it should work with Powerpoint.


Hey Trey,

I tried it but it is still the same. Nothing is being launched. I even included the pptx file in the documents folder of the intuiface folder, so it’s a relative path.


Hey Trey,

Thank you for your answer, I accidentally made a simple spelling error, that I overlooked. That’s why it didn’t work before.

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That can be frustrating. Glad it’s working now.

Good luck with the rest of your program.

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Cindy (Smithworks CA)