Large Databae connected to Excel file

A client requested an experience showing his 300 projects connected to a World map filtered by tipology, location, country, year, etc.
No problem 'till here, we’ll connect a Mapbox with an excel, where pins will shows the exact location. But he wants that when a pin on the loction is prompted a gallery with images of the project pop up.
Problem: 300 location x aprox 10 images for each location is about 3.000 images to load(!!!)
What’s in your opinion the best aproach for this case?

  1. Maybe a folder stored on a cloud service (ie:AWS) and then on the excel each location as a link? But I am not sure how images will be shown…and maybe there is a lag when opening the images.
  2. On the excel each location will have a line for each single image? Huge work.
    If you have any suggestion please let me know…Thanks a lot!

Hi @andrea,

I hope you are well.

  • I would try and get your images optimized for for Intuiface (We have had a similar project to you and had to do this to get better results when filtering)
  • Create a spreadsheet with all the images with the (Location,Country, Year) as columns with the information populated.
  • Create a secondary spreadsheet for all the pins and with (Latitude and Longitude, Country).
  • When pin is tapped filter [Excel One] equals [Country] then just bind the gallery to dataset of the first spreadsheet that will display all of your images and then you can create “Other Filter” on screen to narrow the result down.

But answering your question i would use the local XLSX because you are relying on a internet connection constantly to provide you the results. Also i have found is some scenarios its faster filtering and you would not need to pay for AWS storage for all of your images.

I hope this helps




Hi @Louie_Smith, great to hear from you! I am well and hope you do the same.
So you suggest to:

  1. adjust resolution in order to open faster the images (how much you recommend?)
  2. All images will be phisically on a folder inside IF main folder.
  3. Create a a spreadsheet where each image has its own line on the spreadsheet (that means around 3,000 lines)…correct?
  4. in your workflow you suggest to view all 3.000 images at first filtering and then narrow down research? If yes, I think that client (a picky guy) would be reluctant to this scenario.

Thanks a lot for helping.

  1. We had images supplied to us at 4K resolution and it was only being displayed in a 1080p window meaning the images would be better suited at 1080p it was pointless, the images original file sizes was 4mb and now down to 1.12mb so it saved space and some time loading the images inside the player.
  2. Great that’s good!
  3. Create a spreadsheet with all your referencing images as suggested in my post above so yes you are correct.
  4. No you do not show the collection only until you have finished the “Narrowing down” on the filters and only show the results when you have filtered. (I hope that makes sense)

Kind Regards


@ Louie
Great! Now is more clear, thanks a lot. I guess that you previously created a gallery with some movement for all images. Not a single gallery for each group…