Large (43" to 55") Touch Screen Options

Good day everyone. We are new users of Intuiface. When we purchased the platform, we intended to use the XP on a large (43" - 55") touchscreen interface. I have been provided with Validated Hardware link from Intuiface. Unfortunately there are few large scree options validated here and most are no longer available. Can anyone recommend an option for this and where to purchase? This has proven to be a greater challenge than when initial discussions occurred to utilize this platform to create an XP for our trade shows.

Thank you in advance - Bill

Hi Bill,

A Promultis Lightning III touchscreen is perfect and hopefully soon to be validated! We do IR and PCAP options.

You can download our price list here: Price List - Promultis Multitouch Technology

Kind Regards


Hi @aqu ,

The validated hardware list consists in the screens the Intuiface team has tested internally, but you can use virtually any touch screen available on the market, provided you connect it to a properly spec’d media player.
I believe you have worked with one of our creative experts for your project. Since Intuiface doesn’t sell any hardware, I’d recommend you contact them to see if they have any distributor / reseller to recommend.


Thank you. Completed the form, but received an email that I confirmed my warranty, not the price list.

Thank you. We did, but they are pointing me to you. I understand you don’t sell hardware, but was hoping you had a more expansive list available.

Received you email. Is there someone I can talk to about purchasing one these solutions?

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Wo do not have a more expansive list, since we could list any screen reseller on the market, from consumer grade resellers like Amazon or Best Buy to more commercial grade resellers such as CDW or touch screen manufacturers like Promultis (represented by Louie in this thread), TSI Touch, Elo, Samsung, LG, etc…
Choosing one will depend on the amount of screens you need and the kind of service you expect (installation, warranty, …)

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You can talk to me as I work for Promultis, if you want to send me a PM I would be able to help you more we are also offering 10% discount for customers who are using Intuiface!