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I am looking for recommendations for the minimum PC laptop specs that will allow me to playback a complicated, asset intensive experience I created to present my work to potential clients. It contains multiple 4K experiences I produced in the past, several examples of 1080p video programs, and multiple asset grids of images.

I am Mac based and use Windows 11 with Parallels. The program plays fine on my Mac Studio but lags badly on my 2019 i7 intel MacBook Pro (16 Gb RAM). (Parallels limits the MacBook Pro to 4 cores and does not support touchscreens. I also tried VM Fusion.) Because I will be using the PC laptop (with a IIyama 10 pt, touch screen) only occasionally, I want to buy a used laptop and not spend top dollar. Buying the latest, most expensive Intel generation is not an option.

Beyond Intuiface’s recommended specs, is there a minimum intel generation of processor (8th, 11th, 12th) or Geekbench scores you would recommend I look for to play a complicated, asset intensive 4K program? Since I will be buying used, the graphic card will be determine by the generation of cpu I purchase, and most all laptops have a minimum of 16 GB of RAM.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Drew Harty

Hi Drew @maglibinfo,

Although I could give you some generic recommendations / rule of thumbs about CPUs (see below), in the end the performance of an Intuiface experience will depend as much on the hardware (CPU, GPU, RAM) than as on the architecture of the experience and how optimized the media files are.

To make some kind of comparison, if someone creates a PowerPoint slide with 200 lines of text in a single slide, you can have the best eye vision / glasses, it will still be unreadable.

I’d suggest you share a couple of these 4K intensive experiences with our support team in a private ticket so they can test on a few of our devices and tell you how they run.

Now assuming an experience is will built and optimized, here’s the rule of thumb I’ve been using for a few years personally:

Using the CPU Mark from

  • Above 5000/6000 points is ok for “simple XPs”
  • Above 8000 is good for most single screen FullHD XPs
  • Above 10000 is good as a working machine (ex: my i7-10710U NUC mini workstation), good for single screen 4K XP.
  • Above 15000/20000 for video walls / multi screen projects

If it’s a single screen XP, Intel’s integrated GPU is usually more than enough with 8th gen and newer CPUs.

You can also read this post from a few days ago where I talk about my latest laptop: New Laptop Recommendations - #2 by Seb

Hello Seb,

Thanks for the thoughtful reply. Your recommendations gives me a good place to start. The program I want to present is unusual for me because it combines a couple 4K experiences done for past clients, along with video and still image samples. Looking at CPU benchmarks, most all 11th generation and certainly all 12th generation Intel Core i7 get me in the 15000 to 24000 range, with some slower clock speeds on 11th generation CPUs dipping to the 10000 range.

The program is published, so I can create a ticket and tech support will test it on different computers?

That would be great. Thanks, Drew Harty

Our team will do our best to assist you there, so yes, create a ticket, share your experience as a reader only with and tell them the name of that XP in your ticket and they’ll get back to you with some test results.

Hi, just to share some of our experience.
Client have a XP on 1920x1280 and use it on 5 Surface pro laptops, every year they add a device.
First one they use is Surface pro 7 16 gb 10th Gen, some of them are 32 gb, and the last they purchase is 11 gen with 32 gb (surface pro 8).

All of them are intel iris integrated gpu.
the app is using Excel data to bring inquiries of movies / images and product information. (around 60 products in the system).

We use the intuiface cloud services for remote share & update the Xp and it is solid deployment everytime.

We have tested a few months ago on intel’s 12th gen chip and it is like putting it on boost compare to 11th Gen. also compared to other casestudy where we play 4 HD videos in Sync (4 angles of car radar technology).

I can tell you there is a very clear conclusion :
Always use 12th Gen from now on, it can also compensate on the Integrate GPU (Iris).
if not 12th gen, try to use a GPU with minimum 4GB.
32 GB ram is great, but it will not help with heavy lifting interactivity, but will help with stability.

we have some experience with laptops with Intel® Core™ i7-1260P Processor 18M Cache, up to 4.70 GHz and 4gb GPU and it is realy good combination.

hope that helps :slight_smile:

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