Language Translation filer its not working?

I have composition where i need translation for each composition description the filter only works for English language where else the other languages like Chinese,Japanese,German comes empty for your reference i’m attaching both my project files link in a notepad please do check …
Or let me know if there is any alternative way where we can achieve this translation? or is there any universal font that needs to be implemented when it comes to translation ? please do let me know.

also language codes Ex(Lang : EN,DE,EU,ZH,JP) are associated with Master Excel file.
Master Lang (274 Bytes)

Hi, I think you should find this article helpful :

Tell me if this answers your need.

This is our project file

I have also tried in your file too.sending that files as well…

Both are not working when it comes to translation!!! …

Hi Rakesh,

The first issue is why without any filter you only see the English description of the Master Comp Excel sheet.
I don’t know what happened with your Excel file but it looks like there are different formats in the same column: the C column named Description.
I selected this column and applied the General format and it solved the issue regarding the description field in your Customer EN Version.

Please do the same on your side and confirm that solves your issue.



Thank you seb will try the same…and let you know

Thank You Seb It Worked!!!..
I dint knew even excel format will effect output in Intuiface!

Thank you again…
Cheers! :slight_smile:

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