Keys do not stop inactivity timer?

I’m trying to add an inactivity timer to my project that switches to the screen saver when there is no activity detected. My Experience is operated with the arrow keys, however the arrow keys do not seem to be perceived as activity. I’ve already tried adding a button that goes back to the screen saver after 10 seconds when not in use + have the arrow keys simulate a tap. But that didn’t work either.
Can anyone help me further?
thank you very much!

Hello and welcome to the community @derpgaga,

Interaction with physical keyboards will not reset the inactivity timer, nor will using the simulate tap action.

Here is a workaround you could use:

  • Add a global variable (IsInactive = false) and a countdown (30s)
  • Add an inactivity timer trigger (30s) using conditional triggers (if Global Variable “IsInactive” equals true → go to screen saver)
  • On each scene where you are using a keyboard trigger add a trigger, when keyboard is pressed actions are :
    • → set the Global variable to false
    • → reset and start the countdown (of 30s for example),
    • → navigate to scene
  • On the countdown interface asset add an trigger action : when time is reached → set the global variable “IsInactive” to true.

Here is an article which mentioned this kind of workaround using videos.

If you have any questions or need more assistance I recommend reaching out to us on our support channel. There we will ask you to share your experience with us so we are on the same page.