Keyboard location within Scroll collection

I am having difficulty trying to get the keyboard to show up near a text entry field. The objects with text entry fields are within a scroll collection. Within a normal collection, the X&Y of the collection matched the X&Y of the screen and it all worked nicely. Now that it is within a scroll collection, I somehow have to deal with the viewport offset. So, when at zero offset, they match perfectly like before. When I scroll to bring other tags into view, the keyboard will shoot off the edge of the screen and not appear above the object.
I tried linear converter with little success.

Hi @Hootie,

For such specific issues, I strongly recommend you to open a ticket to support, explain your needs and issues in details, and share everything you can with the Support Team. They will probably ask you to share your experience with account so they can investigate.

Don’t hesitate, they’re here for our customers.



I opened a support ticket.

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I got it working with a small compromise that works better for the user. Our screens are 12 feet wide and would take a few swipes to move from a “Calendar Layout” to a “staging area” and back. So, I locked the scroll collection from interaction and control the offset with a menu located in the center that moves it to either the left or right boundary. I now know the offset and use it with conditions on the triggers for my pop-ups. If offset = 0, use the X location. If offset = 7680, use X location (minus 7680). Puts my pop-up right where they should be. It would still be nice to handle a dynamic scroll, but I’m moving on with this for now. I’ll work with support to see if I can learn a better way.

Thanks for your help!