JSON import possibilities

I’ve searched through the documentation, but haven’t found any specific articles regarding JSON importing options. I’m evaluating the best route to take when exporting from Lottie or Figma to bring that content into IntuiFace.

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Hey @cullenb

Put the JSON file on a localhost and use the API explorer to bring the JSON file you want to import into Intuiface. That’s how I do it.

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Thanks, Louie. I will use this method tomorrow. I’m interested in seeing how SVG animations will perform. Since XD added JSON importing a few weeks back, and Adobe is acquiring Figma, I’ll be paying close attention to the outcome and features that become available within the CC Suite.

Hi @cullenb,

Just to clarify @Louie_Smith’s suggestion, this will enable you to import JSON data feed, not “JSON graphic content” (which is new to me, I’ll look into this) that would be SVG-like.

Although, if you want to import SVG content, you can use our HTML-Frame as explained in this article section.


Perfect! Thanks, Seb.