Javascript API - Getting HttpService

Hi, I am new to Intuiface and learning for last two weeks. Trying to create a custom API Interface asset using Java Script. I am having an issue while calling Intuiface factory for HttpService.

this.httpService = intuiface.get(“httpService”);

I think I am missing to include or import something. Getting an error “httpService is not defined”.

Please help me to resolve this issue.

Hi Irfan @devteam ,

For such questions, the best way to get help is really to contact our support team. The team will ask you to share your experience / code so we can have a look into it.

That being said, you shouldn’t need any include in your JS code to run on our Player for Windows or on our “soon to be called legacy” Player for other platforms.
This service does not exist on our Player Next Gen as you don’t need it to make HTTP requests on that new platform.

Reb, Thank you.