It's getting chilly! Display local weather information on your Signage!

Hi Everyone.
One of many beloved off-the-shelf assets of Intuiface is Local Weather Interface Asset (IA).
Did you master this one yet?

This IA is based on the public REST-based Web Service API offered by World Weather Online.
Any Intuiface user can modify the default visual representation of the Local Weather IA and manipulate any of the properties below.

  • Location Name of the city for which you would like to know the weather
  • Language Determines both language used in the weather feed and data formats
  • API key Optional API key for creating personal weather feeds.
  • Number of days Specifies the number of days in the future retrieved for a forecast
  • Forecast interval Specifies the intervals used for each day in the forecast

Local Weather IA gives you access to various types of weather information including humidity, visibility, wind speed and 24 more.

Below clip was recorded 4 years ago so you’ll notice many differences in the way the composer looks but it still does the job of showing the basic steps of installing the IA.

Follow this link to ‘Interface Asset - Local Weather’ page to understand better!