Issues with video playing on vertical monitor - plays non proportional

I am using a ViewSonic EP5540T vertical monitor with a screen resolution of 3840H x 2160W. I have created an experience customized to these settings, however the videos that live in my experience when played on this monitor fill the vertical screen distorting the video instead of playing in the dimensions I set in the experience. Does anyone know why it may be doing this? Everything else works nicely so I don’t know why the videos are not cooperating.

Hi @hconway and welcome to the Intuiface community!

I would have a look at the fill behavior on your Video asset. Make sure it’s using the “Fit” behavior, assuming your videos have the correct portrait resolution.
Can you precise which media player you are using behind this screen (ex: Windows or Android?)

For more precise answers, related to your issue and video, I’d recommend you to contact our support team.

I have had the same issue on a vertical 1080p experience where an inset video in a 16:9 ratio plays distorted, but only sporadically. When this occurs the video is squished along the horizontal axis. I have tried both FIT and FILL behaviors and it occurs occasionally using either parameter. This occurs in Composer’s built-in media player.

I have it set to fit but have also tried fill to see if it produced different results. No such luck on either setting. It is on an Android based system. I also have contacted intuiface support and am now working with them on the issue.
Thanks for advice.

That is interesting. It plays fine in Composer’s built in player for previewing, however on the actual monitor the videos get pushed to full screen being squished on the horizontal access.