Issues with transitions between scenes on iPad

I have created an interactive for a museum that has a 26 scenes and will be used on an iPad (128 GB, 5th generation). It’s graphically moderately dense - 8 select “button” triggers on one scene that allows users to go to one of 8 specific stories. Each story has 3 associated scenes, the first has 3 “answers” to a question that is posed - activated by a png image with a hidden “try again” png under the answer.

Whenever a trigger is used to move to a different scene - the screen goes white for a flash of a second before the the scene comes up. Every scene uses an image as the background - not a white screen. I’ve made all the triggers without any animation since I just want the next scene to just pop up. Any idea why I get these glitches? In some instances, I get a quick glimpse of a bottom layer in one area of the screen where I have an element underneath another that is triggered to be invisible when that element is touched.

Is it just that the graphic capabilities of the iPad can’t cope with a mildly layered and visually full experience?

Or is it that since I’ve made the layers as images (jpgs or pngs as necessary) at full resolution (2150 x 1620 @ 72 dpi) this is just too big for the interface?

I’d be happy to share the experience for anyone who might want to engage with it to see what I am up against.

Thanks in advance for your help!


Hi @terren,

I recommend you to open a ticket on Support and share your experience with account so they can investigate (notify you’ve shared in the ticket).

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Thanks Alex, I am sharing the experience with the client this week, so I’ll see how they respond to it. I’ll do that when I return to my office if there continue to be concerns about how the interface is working.

Hi Terren,

The white screens during scene transitions is quite normal. I found a workaround to this was instead of using different scenes, design everything in one single scene using separate groups to scroll. That gets rid of the scene transitions and white screen, but needs to be designed more efficiently as putting more content on a single scene puts more load on the system.



Thanks for the advise. i think in this instance I can’t cram 26 scenes into one layer, but I will try this on other interactives I habe to design and deploy in the future.

Other approaches to avoid the white screens during transition can be

  • to use an experience background, instead of scene background.
  • to use images as scene backgrounds, instead of white color scene background and a static image in a bottom layer

Again, this really depends on the experience and its content, and the support team should be able to better analyze this once you have shared the XP with them.

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I think 26 should be manageable if you use the hide/show options into respective groups. I designed something that had over 50 scenes

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