Issues caused by Double-tapping

Is there a way to generally eliminate the acceptability of the second tap in a double-tap, or possibly account for it as a single tap when it occurs?

My client has sales people running the screens, and they are hard-wired double-tappers for some reason, and it’s messing up my animation sequences.

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To be tried: add a double tap trigger that does the same thing as a single tap.

Better alternative, in my opinion: don’t use tap triggers (on images), use Buttons, if possible :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I should have been clearer. I am using buttons with “Is Released” triggers.

I have gone in and added a Toggle Visibility to Interactivity action in the same trigger, then duplicated that action and set it for 1 second later. This has stopped an immediate 2nd input from occurring and allows the button to be used again after a 2nd tap would have occurred.