Issue understanding new pricing system

Am I understanding this correctly?
We have at least 6 experiences out there that have been running over the years and now, if I don’t start paying for an enterprise license of composer (that I’m not even using) to put old clients on a secondary account, their experiences are going to stop working?

Hi Carson,

Someone from our Sales team is going to reach out today.

Usually, for this kind of issue, I recommend to send an email to (as shown on your screen capture) this is more efficient than posting on Community :wink:

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Hi Alex,

It seems now with the new pricing, we’re putting developers in a diffcult position, as most clients only want to buy the player, and dont want to pay the extra for the platform. Its hard enough to convince clients to pay for the player license in addition to the developlment costs, and now the extra platform license.

Intuiface should really review its pricing strategy, otherwise there will definitely be alot of people moving to a different platform.


@melvyn_br I know! I was confused by that as well. When IF 7 was first announced, we were right in the middle of developing 2 XPs for a larger, overall project and panicked.

What we’re doing now is that we “loan” out a player license from our account and put the price of us having to get that new license on our end into the RFQ/bill for the end user to pay for, so they end up still only buying a license for Player.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


As discussed in this other thread, your clients do NOT need to have a Platform license. Just you - as the agency - need to have one. Specifically, Platform Enterprise. Your clients can have Secondary Accounts which are perfectly fine with just Player licenses.

Also, in case it’s not clear, you - the agency - don’t need one Platform license per client. A single Platform license will cover all of your clients. Honestly, the net cost isn’t much different from the older model. The Platform gets you one Composer, one Player, and access to all of the Intuiface Cloud, including Analytics and Headless CMS. That’s all of your Secondary Accounts having access to Analytics and Headless CMS features. It’s a great deal! :slight_smile:


thanks megan

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