Hey... Just me, or did Intuiface 7 just launch?

I’d like to say a special hello to all of our users living under a rock - because you’re just about the only people who hadn’t heard us talk over the past few months about a release called Intuiface 7. We certainly didn’t nickname this version “The Stealth Release”. Player Next Gen, Headless CMS, new Licensing model… Yep, you heard about it. You’re probably already excited - or at least interested.

But Geoff, you asked, when is it going to launch?


I’ve written about this launch so much that I’m not going to do it here. Rather, get your clicking finger ready:

No more previews. No more updates. Intuiface 7 is here! Now give us a week to recover. We’re exhausted!


Congrats Intuiface team! Lots to read, learn and experiment with the new v7.


Hi Geoff !

Congrats to you and the team for the launch ! I was just going through the pricing and wanted some clarity, so am hoping you could help ! In the player licenses section, it seems like now someone cannot buy only a player, they also need to buy a platform license as well ! That means new clients wanting to use intuiface (that have no knowledge of composer and get their projects designed by people like us) now have to pay US$1110.20 (lowest platform) + US$355.26 ??

We have come across many clients that just want to pay the player license + development fee of their project, but now it seems like they will be forced to buy the extra platform license as well.

Can you please shed more light on this ? As I dont think alot of clients will want to pay the extra, its already hard to convince them to pay for the player license.


@melvyn_br, nope, those clients don’t need to purchase a Platform because you’re going to give them Secondary Accounts. Secondary Accounts do not need a Platform license; in essence, they inherit their Primary Account’s Platform plan benefits. A Secondary Account can contain nothing but Player licenses. So no worries!

Hi Geoff,

Which means I have to pay the extra US$1110.20, this may not be a very feasible option, as its not like there’s a huge demand for these projects. There is no monthly license option for this, wherein a user can buy the platform for the month a project comes in. Why would someone want to pay a yearly cost, in the anticipation that maybe a requirement will arise, especially in these times, where all businesses are hard hit. Not everyone would want to spend 1K on something that may not even generate any business.

You should really consider a monthly platform license structure, so that it offers more flexibility.


To clarify, you’re saying it doesn’t make sense for an agency to have a yearly subscription of the Platform because they may not have enough projects to justify it? Well, that’s depressing… Thankfully, I’m not hearing this lack of opportunity to be a universal problem so I’m crossing my fingers for you guys.

We do offer Platform Enterprise with a month-to-month license. And with that, you could assign month-to-month Players to a Secondary Account. Just be aware that Player cannot expire later than the Platform - i.e. you can’t have a month-to-month Platform and yearly Players. But ok, you can go month-to-month, but then you better hope for a lousy year because after a few months those costs will add up over time and be more money than an annual subscription. :wink:

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Well, thank you for crossing your fingers for us, I really hope the lack of opportunity does not be a universal problem, otherwise you guys will have to shutdown your business. You’re aware that the sales of your players depend on agencies like us that do the development right !

Whoop Whoop, I can’t wait to try an experience on the web and use the locally downloaded Experience App offline! :partying_face: :heart_eyes:

This has been a well-needed feature for many years!


I’m happy that you’re happy, ha. :slight_smile:

I’m still trying to understand the need for these features, but I look forward to seeing what you do with them… seems you have some ideas already!

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I don’t get why you wouldn’t want to use the new features? Why would not having an experience on the Web not be a benefit? This opens up the availability to play experiences on budget hardware! And not having to have a player installed this is a brilliant feature need I remind you about having the experiences embedded into a Webpage.


Oh. Okay. :smiley: I’m still a bit of a newbie, so I’m still like… ooooookay? Would the web browser player just be for things like that (budget hardware)? And OH! I guess I didn’t realize that the player could be installed into a webpage. (Megan looks around and melts back into the background)
That WOULD be cool

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@megan Make sure you come to our Launch Event on the 30th as we’ll talk about use cases.

@Louie_Smith is right, but honestly, even forgetting the new web deployment option, you’ll have access to a far greater array of hardware because of Player Next Gen. It’s a lot more efficient than our current-gen Player so it does an excellent job on budget hardware. We’ll eventually replace current-gen with next-gen on every Player-supported platform; for now we’re doing a roll-out.

As for web deployment, this means you can deploy to the web!!! :slight_smile: Your experiences are no longer limited to the venue. Use them on websites to pitch events, promote sales, educate visitors, encourage a visit. Use them to create hybrid events where phone-based experiences complement what happens while in the store, the trade show, the workplace. Use them to create cool takeaways for audiences when they leave. None of this was possible before with Intuiface - and still isn’t really possible with any other product throughout the industry.

As for the Headless CMS, if you’ve ever built anything with Intuiface whose content may change after deployment, you’re going to love it. We looked at how everyone used Excel, Airtable, etc. with Intuiface, collected their feedback about what was good or bad, then built our answer.

Lots of demos at the Launch Event. You should leave with a really good understanding of everything.


Thanks! I look forward to it. :slight_smile: