Is there a way to get the PlayerID from within an experience?

I’ve tried using the System Information IA, but it’s not in there. I would like to use it as a unique identifier to serve up dynamic content from the CMS. I know there are ways around this, but I was hoping there wouldn’t be any additional work, just filter the CMS based on that playerID and boom, you’re done.

Hi Chuck,

From the System Info, you could use the “Application license” property that is a subset of the complete license key. That should be enough to uniquely identify one of your players.

To answer your question, you can also retrieve the unique Player ID from within the Web Triggers Interface Asset.

“My way” of doing it, trying to anticipate the fact that multiple players may have to display the same content from H-CMS (N → 1 relationship) is the following.

  • I create a variant “Location” with as many variations as required, using “comprehensive names”

  • I create a collection with 2 fields: Device Name (or device key, or device ID, something unique) & Location

  • In the XP, I

    • Use the System Info to retrieve my device “Display name”
    • I filter that “Device to location” table using that Display name
    • If filter result isn’t empty, I set my base variant to the 1st result of that filter, using the “Location” field.

If you have a 1-to-1 relationship between device unique ID and H-CMS, then just use that device ID as the variation name (simple “Set variation” action) or as a value in your collections to apply a filter.

Let me know your thoughts

Okay, so it looks like the Application License will work. I’m just using a single intuiface CMS database collection table to feed different content to several devices. We’re also using web triggers for third party integrations. My original thought was since we already store the Player ID to fire the web trigger we might as well use that same bit of information to serve up the unique content.

So, to reverse that, I was thinking why don’t we just use the Application License to fire a web trigger that only effects that kiosk since we’re using it to serve up unique content. Unfortunately, the web triggers don’t accept the Application License as an identifying parameter. I guess we’ll just have to store two unique identifiers, one for web triggers and one for the Intuiface headless CMS content.

Not sure I’m following you here Chuck, but if you are already storing (where?) the Player ID you retrieve from the Web Triggers IA, you can completely use that same ID for your H-CMS filtering.

Ping me if you want to chat live about that :wink:

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You may want to double check this with @Seb , but why not use the unique application ID and set it as a Player Tag for each player in MC?

@AlexB Yeah, that could work also! I can currently use the intuiface CMS and just worry about storing one parameter, but the CMS is a temporary solution. We’re writing a full two-way conference application which is currently embedded in an intuiface experience. That same web application will also contain branding assets and configurations for a number client kiosks. Once we move everything over to that, we’ll need to either store multiple parameter or like you said, just add the application ID in as a player tag and trigger off that.

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Great! At least you’ve got some options. Sounds like a neat application too! Good luck!

Just an update on this topic, I showed an example of this use case in our last Live Q&A session :wink: