Is_released and gesture swipe up/down



Is it possible to create an element that will perform an action on press_release and touch_swipe?


Hi @j-geis,

There’s only 1 asset that reacts to both Is pressed and Is released triggers: the Button
If you want to get 1 trigger on a “pressed and released” event, that’s equivalent to the Is tapped trigger available on any static asset. In that case, you’ll also be able to add gesture triggers.

Does that answer your need?



I was able to add an Is tapped trigger and a swipe gesture on the same static asset, but it seems that the Is tapped is the only one that works.


Hi @j-geis,

To investigate further your issue, I recommend you to start a discussion with our support team and share your project with xp-for-support (at) intuilab (dit) com.