Is it possible to sync Excel sheets via Google Drive or Dropbox



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I am a designer who just stepped into the world of Intuiface and is getting my mind blown on a daily basis. I have been learning a lot watching video tutorials and following up with the forum.
It seems I have a small hiccup on a project I am working on. It would be a great help if anyone could help me out.

Is it possible to share the Directory List (Excel sheet) on an online drive that could be edited remotely from another system without Intuiface? The client may have the access only to the excel sheet in Google Drive or Dropbox that would be synced with the master file and they could edit details in the excel sheet accordingly? I shall also keep a backup Excel sheet in case they mess up.
Please advice.




One option is to use Mirror Folders or any similar tool to synchronize the excel’s folder. Or host the entire experience on Dropbox or any other sharing service.

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