Is it possible to have multiple filters on Excel?




I have a project which has an Asset Grid Populated. From the main page, a user can tap on a category and the relevant content is visible in the next scene. This works perfectly fine. However, in Excel we also have items which are categorized as “generic”. We want to have all these items also to be visible along with the filtered content. Basically, what i am trying to achieve is to have multiple filters. This is not happening. The following is what i have tried:

Created a Trigger when scene is entered
Added a filter to filter the excel content - add filter, main_topic=“category 1”. where the main_topic is the column name

I tried to add main_topic=“category 1” OR “Generic”, this is not working.

Is there a better way to do this?


Hi Pramod,

You currently can’t do “OR” filters with Excel filtering mechanisms but there is a workaround:

  • for your “Generic” items, enter all the possible categories separated by a comma, a semi-colon or even a blank space
  • when adding your filter, use “main_topic” contains “category 1” so that both the category 1 and generic items will be displayed.

Keep us informed after you try this one.




Depending on how many categories you have, this may be an option:

For the column main_topic, instead of categorizing your items as “category 1”, list them as numbers, so you can take advantage of the IF-Then terms “Greater than, less then, etc.”

For a simple example, if you have 3 different categories to sort - you could make your Generic items have a value of “2” in the column. The other items will all be filled in as “1” and “3” in the column. Then if you want to sort to find the “1” items plus the Generic items, you simply make the IF-Then Statement “When main_topic is less than or equal to 2”.

I’m sure you’ll need to think a bit more strategically for your specific situation, but maybe using numbers in your main_topic column will help.