Is it possible to discover account used to create experience?

In our company, we have 5 Enterprise licenses and we have over 300 player licenses.

Some months ago, we had to let go one of our junior programmers. Not very long, we started noticing some work very similar from what he used to do for us, but in touch totems from our rival companies.

After some social engineering, we discovered that it was indeed himself that made the experience software from those particular totems, but as a freelancer. And we also know for a fact, he didn’t buy any composer licenses.

So our main suspicion here is that he still has access to our platform, and is using our Enterprise licenses to make his own work. Granted, our internal cybersecurity is not the best, close to non existing.

So, to put it short, is there anyway we can go to one of those totems (they only have the Player installed) and find out the license which the experience was made by? Similar to an authorship signature? (not the license of the Player, we already checked, its still in the trial period)

You can look on your account under Audit Trail to see what the IP addresses has access to the account and of the machine used to activate the license this is my case being an enterprise level user.

But inside the experience that was built for the totems it will say the machine name that was used to create the experience inside the IFX file, but I personally I would ask support.

But the simplest thing to do is change the password and blacklist the machine that is using the key.

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Didn’t know about the Audit Trail section, Thank you!

We’re definetely improving our security measures, we actually never thought much about it because we never had problems until now.

Just to clarify what you said, to find the author of the experience, is to go the IFX file in the totem, and see the properties? In that case, it would probably show the computer name, probably some generic stuff.

We actually wanted to see the license the experience was created by, just like a *.DOC file shows the author when it opens. Is there anyway to do that?

Hi @kelt3208 ,

For this type of issue, I recommend you to open a ticket to our Support.
Please don’t hesitate to provide any details that could help: suspected account, dates, etc.

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