Is a slider filter available?

I have searched and not found anything yet like what I am imagining. Forgive me if this is a simple thing. I have an experience in my fireworks retail store that allows customers to view videos of all of my products. I get the data from my point of sale database with an exported excel spreadsheet.
I want to add a couple of user selectable filters based off the data in the values of certain columns. Specifically I want the customers to be able to choose a product according to its duration or shot count. I think a sliding scale with an upper and lower limit based on its criteria. I can’t find an asset that exists or figure out how to make a sliding scale that the customer can choose a range.

Hi @dennis1

Have you read through this article?

Linear Gauge

  1. The first thing I would do is to create a sliding bar on which you can move left and right.
  2. The second thing I would then mark out points on a piece of paper the X coordinates of when you want to trigger the filter to happen kind of like how Amazon does a price range. You create a trigger of WHEN - [X Value of slider] reaches = [Value] - Then filter the excel database to display the products with those attributes.

I hope this helps.

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@Louie_Smith Good thought. Thanks. I was hoping there was some existing asset that had that kind of function. This would be extra challenging since the low an high values could change based on the value in the spreadsheet. Ideally I would like to have the range of the slider be input from values in a particular already filtered category so that the customer can drill down and use it as a finder to select based on the filtered results. When one filter is applied the options for the rest will change making a default range impossible.


Here is an example built back in 2017 by @Seb Create a Slider/Scrollbar This should easily show you how to create a slider/scrollbar.

This is using a Linear Gauge this will help you create the slider aspect.

Regarding the variable elements when filtered you would need to either have all the values of the different ranges in a separate spreadsheet and when a certain category is filtered it filters the ranges or the previous range that you filter changes the Low and High value ranges.

If that does not help then share some more information on your experience or I would recommend creating a support ticket on which someone from IF support should be able to help you. You will find this here Open a support ticket

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Thanks @Louie_Smith for the links and the guidance you provided here :wink:

Hi @dennis1! Interactive sliders are indeed not the easiest things to build in Intuiface and here I understand you might need a double handle slider (min & max values to select among a wider min & max range).
To keep your project & information private, as Louie suggested, the best thing to do would be to open a support ticket and share your experience with our team. We’ll have a better idea about yours needs and what might be doable, reusing the information coming from your particular Excel file.

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@Seb @Louie_Smith Thank you both so much again for your guidance. I will open a ticket.