IPS (In-Plane Switching) based touch screens

I’m accustomed to digging through the technical specs on various models to determine if they’re PCAP/Capacitive (always preferred if the budget allows) or IR (less preferable, but acceptable).

I haven’t had a touch-based project in a while, so now I’m noticing a “new” (to me) third category called IPS and I’m hesitant to pull the trigger having no experience with how they perform.

Has anyone here used an IPS screen for a project, and if so, how well did it perform, e.g. are there any input lag issues?

Hey @cullenb,

Just a tip and the rule of thumb, now today both IR and PCAP are pretty much the same in performance the only two real differences is price and appearance. IR is cheaper and better used as a vertical touchscreen incase you wanted to use it in a horizontal orientation they aren’t so good as anything can create a touch. PCAP is good for both but comes with a price.

Regarding the IPS screens I couldn’t really find much information about this product. Is there a reason you need an IPS monitor?

But if you want something that is brilliant with Intuiface have a look at a Promultis Lightning III which is IR/PCAP or Promultis Insert PCAP. You will find the link to the price list here: Promultis Price-list

If you want you can PM me and I can tell you more information.


I don’t need an IPS screen for anything in particular right now, but I noticed that the term was coming up a great deal when I was trying to source models today, so I was curious if anyone in the Community knew anything about them performance-wise.

I normally use PCAP because I’m not a fan of the inset bezel and it’s way easier to clean and isn’t affected by ambient light. I have put together PQ Labs frames for those “big-ass” applications where a PCAP would be prohibitively expensive with limited difficulty, so those are great if you have time to wait for them to be shipped.

I just completed the online form to receive the price list, so thank you for sending that over. I am very interested in the Insert PCAP you’ve mentioned.


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I would be interested in receiving pricing information about the Promultis Immerse Tangible Middleware license at your convenience. There may be some future projects where we’d be able to show this as a solution during a discovery meeting.