iPad turns off running Intuiface

We have many iPad pros running Intuiface experiences. For logistical reasons, we give all our experiences a video screensaver and let them run overnight.

Most of the time this works great. However there are a couple of iPads whose screen will turn off overnight. They are not losing power (as they are fully charged in the morning when we wake them back up), but their screens turn off and must be turned back on, and Intuiface must be opened.

It seems like Intuiface is crashing (every night??) and not reopening itself. Not entirely sure if this is an Intuiface issue or an iPad issue, and not sure why it only happens on 2 iPads out of dozens… We have all iPad settings for power saving and screen saving turned off…

Any ideas??

Try reinstalling the intuiface player on these, i know its a pain as you have to re-download the experiences, but sometimes a reinstall fixes it.


Please try to cold restart the iPad devices on which you are experiencing issues:

  • Press and hold the Home and Power Button until the iPad reboots (ignore the “Slide to turn off”), release both buttons when you see Apple logo

This action will clean up the memory of the device and hopefully fix the issue you are encountering.


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Thanks for the advice everyone. We have tried uninstalling Intuiface Player on the iPad in question and reinstalling it. We also did a factory reset on the iPad just in case that would help.

We will know tomorrow morning whether or not this has solved the issue. We will report back. Thanks again!

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This fixed the issue!!! Thanks so much everyone. Uninstalling / reinstalling the app AND a iPad factory reset did the trick. The iPad was on this morning for the first morning in a long long time. Thanks again!

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Hooray… glad you got it working

I’m not sure if this is your problem, but with the latest iOS update screen locking cannot be turned off if you are using Guided Access mode even if settings shows Display >Never Lock. I have had to (hopefully temporarily) replace 3 iPads with Galaxy Tab S2’s because of this problem. If you have others, be sure not to update them. I do have an issue open with Apple support, but so far no resolution.