iPad Pro 3rd Gen multi-tasking bar is grey

I am running a presentation on an iPad Pro 3rd Gen (no home button) The thin multi-tasking bar at the bottom has a grey background with a black home bar. It doesn’t go well with my experience. Do we have control over that? I would rather have the background be black and home bar be grey.

is the multi-tasking bar generated by IPad Pro itself? BTW, Moving this topic to “help from community” category :slight_smile:

Yes but other iOS programs go behind the bar and the bar is semi-transparent. Intuface shrinks up to sit above the bar. You can see in the image the when the experience shrunk it pulled in from the sides too. I had to change the aspect ratio of my experience to fit this space.

Hi Greg,

Same as your other request, I recommend you to contact our support team so they can investigate. When things are too complicated or hardware related, it’s better to see with them.