[Intuiville Update] Banking

Intuilville, the biggest web-based virtual showroom you’ll ever find in the industry, is packed with free downloadable samples, how-tos, 50+ scenario video showcases of interactive digital experience.

We are happy to let you know that in addition to the lastest “Sports Arena ” space addition, it adds Banking space to Intuiville.

While you are checking out the new space, feel free to take a stroll through Intuiville to enjoy some recent video showcase updates. :slight_smile:

You can also download the Intuiville Intuiface Experience(no coding required) available on the Marketplace!

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I took a peek at this when I saw it in the newsletter yesterday- very cool! What industry is going to be next? :wink:

We have a list for the upcoming ones, but if you want some hints, you can zoom on the different buildings of Intuiville :wink:

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