Intuipad control

I have a customer that due to the Corona virus is taking all the tactile presentations that I developed down. I have played the idea of putting a QR code with the Intuipad program so visitors in a museum could download the program an install it to control the presentation instead of doing on the tactile screen, they would use their own devices.
Whlie playing with composer and Intuipad I saw that the Intuipad can do things that I do not want user to do like, rotate 180º, stop the presentation and other items.

Are these only showing because I am using composer to try it out and with a player these controls would not show o is it always available?

If so can I eliminate them from the menu?


Hi @gil,

I assume you have taken a look at with detailed explanations at

For the kind of public usage that you are describing, we are strongly recommending QRCode on the Experience linking to a simple controlling web page on the user’s mobile device.

On the other end, IntuiPad is the perfect remote controller for a staff person using it in a controlled environment, like a controlling a presentation running on a large screen or video-projected.

IntuiPad is not fit for general public distribution, because:

  • It’s permissive (but powerful for a presenter);
  • It takes an average 30’’ to discover and connect to a display running a Player within a LAN, which might be a little long for always-impatient museum goers.

To summarize, and for remotely controlling an Intuiface experience:

  • A simple HTML page with few controls for any user in a public place;
  • IntuiPad for use by a presenter in a controlled environment.

Hope this helps,

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Hi Vincent,

Thanks for the info. Yes a web interface is much better controller for a public use. The only issue is that will it have the same control as the intuipad. Drag, drop, etc…

I did read the tech specs on the example above but there are no drag, zoom, etc that we use a lot in our presentation.

Basically what we are trying to do is to avoid the taken down of presentations in museums due to COVID 19. We are starting to get a lot of questions on how we can adapt the presentations to be transfered to web based. So I try to convince the museums to keep the presentations with some remote control that each user can use their own phone or tablet.

Looking through the tech writtings on your site I though abut using the intuipad but it has too much control and more than one user can access it so is out. Unless I make my own controller which is also another option with less control and only one user at a time.

try converting them to speech versions… basic word triggers should do the trick

It won’t work on a museum enviroenment with some other people arround.
I need a cut out version of intuipad with controls such as Stop Presentation and Go to cut out.
All I need is the trackpad mode with touch control and slide so anyone with a phone or tablet can control the presentation without having to touch a screen.

With the Web interface I can not have the control that I need. Is there a web service that I can show the presentation as intuipad does and control touch ans slide comands on a mobile device? I have been looking on the online info and can not seem to find any.

Also to be able to use web triggers in a local network or through internet you need to have an Enterprise license active? That means that once I design the modification the license has to stay active? OR not?

Hi @gil,

Web Triggers are available through IFTTT for all Intuiface Editions and through Zapier / Web Triggers API for Premier & Enterprise editions. You do need to have at least 1 Composer active license, Premier or Enterprise, to use the Web Triggers API.