Intuilab Freezes : Multi-touch


Hello Community,

We’re having trouble with our Intuilab Windows Player. Seems like when we stress tested it via multi touch with 6 users in a video wall it hangs. Our video wall is a 6 x 2 LFD screens. Does anyone experience the same issues?

We badly need your help.



What is the PC specs of the Videowall and what touch overlay are you using?

Also what content are you manipulating?

Kind Regards



We are are using pq labs as touch overlay and windows pc.

Now we observed that we just encounter this freezing on windows 10 and not in 7. Now we would try this in windows 8.1 so that we’ll still achieve the multi-touch function that windows 7 can’t do.


IntuIFace supports perfectly well multi-touch on a Windows 7 device.

As Louie asked, can you please confirm the specs of your Windows PC and the kind of content we are talking about?