IntuiFace Web browser - loading/progress icon


ive asked support, and they directed me here, so
is there something that could be displayed while a page is loading?

Thank you

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I don’t see a trigger for “Is Loading” and the current “Is Stopped Loading” appears to only apply to when a ‘user’ stops the web page from loading. So I’m not if there is functionality right now to make a GIF or something else appear and disappear according to when the page is in the loading process.

This would be a nice addition though, I often see people become frustrated when they don’t have an indication of what is going on, or whether something is in progress.

Adding a trigger when linked is clicked to show the loading indicator works. For the hiding the loading indicator, the URL is changed trigger works. The URL of the browser is changed once the page finished loading.

We’ve used this in one of our projects, and it worked for simple straight up HTML link. It breaks down when the website you’re using is using javascript to link to new pages, so make sure you test your links.

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Thank you very much for the solution. I will try it like that.