IntuiFace version 5.7 is out!

The last new feature release before our big jump to Version 6.0. You’re going to like what you see!

What’s new?

  • Scroll collection
  • Multi-language speech recognition on Windows
  • Radio buttons (through what we call Toggle Button sets)
  • Data tracking connector for Google Analytics
  • Support for the recently launched, Tizen-based Samsung Smart Signage Platform
  • Unlimited data point collection for Composer’s Play Mode (for data tracking)
  • Other little goodies

Check out the following video for a demonstration of all the capabilities and developments in Version 5.7.

For more info read our blog post: Introducing IntuiFace Version 5.7


A lot of great improvements! I’m laughing because I made my own version of the toggle button sets for experiences that have little personality quizzes. I made them using regular toggle buttons that utilized triggers and lots and lots of actions to check and uncheck each other… this new feature would have saved/will save me a TON of time!


I just had to throw a shout out for Toggle Button Sets. I can’t even express how much time this has saved me already. I know this is from an earlier release, but thank you thank you thank you!


Hi Alex,

thanks for your feedback.

It’s always good to hear that features we are working on are making your life easier.


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