Intuiface to Accept CSV File Type

In the spirit of the major API enhancements to open some serious integration, I’d like to ask for one more:

Enhance the Excel Interface asset to accept CSV file formats. Over the years, I find that many databases that don’t have API’s will export a CSV. But this adds another step for a designer to find some way to convert that CSV into the XLSX format that Intuiface accepts.

This adds even more complexity if you want to automate this whole process. If we find a way to automatically overwrite a CSV file so it’s always fresh, it’s tough to then “Convert” that file to XLSX Automatically so an XP can read it.

So I’d like to propose that Intuiface accept CSV files to further integrate nicely with other sources. Even if it means limited functionality of the IA, it would at least be a big step.

(By the way, does anyone know of any software that can automatically convert a CSV to XLSX when it ‘sees’ the csv source is modified?)

  • Yes, Please Add CSV Support!
  • Nope, don’t need it

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