Intuiface Runs on Raspberry Pi4

Hi Intuiface community.

What the title says - Intuiface runs on the new Raspberry Pi4!
The demo shows an intuiface experience running on Raspberry’s natural OS, Raspbian Buster without a virtual machine.
This should keep you excited 4 a while :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you @Mihai and @Vincent for opening new possibilities!

:open_mouth: Keeping this on a notecard in the back of my mind for later…



So cool! This opens new scenarios. Question: which player did you installed? Is it something we can start proposing to clients or is just a demo?

Ciao Andrea,

It’s just a demo for now, we’ll keep the Community posted if it evolves in something more official/fully supported :wink:

Saluti! :it:


As @Alex, Intuiface Player running on a Raspberry is just a demo for the moment, as the Pi runs on Linux.

Meanwhile, you can check devices such as the Asus Tinkerboard that natively supports Android. We have some customers running “classic” digital signage experiences (non interactive) using Intuiface on this device.


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Ciao Alexis, come stai??

This is a great new since will reduce the cost of purchasing a mini pc. Also for clients with large number of units.

I know a win pc is different but in some cases this would be great.

Grazie grazie!

A presto…ciao

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